Evapliner Basin Coating

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What is EvapLiner Protective Coating?

EvapLiner is a high strength, industrial urethane coating used to protect cooling tower surfaces from corrosion and to seal leaks. Many have made the unfortunate decision to use other coatings to extend the life of their equipment, not realizing that those coatings were actually highly flammable. EvapLiner is more than fire retardant; it is actually self-extinguishing, putting out flames within three seconds! EvapLiner Protective Coating is a flexible membrane so it expands and contracts with the movement of the panels it is adhered to, which means that it effectively seals leaks and will not Chip, Crack or Peel!

Why use the Fire Retardent EvapLiner Protective Coating?

EvapLiner can be applied to galvanized, stainless steel and fiberglass units. EvapLiner can also be applied to concrete basins.

  • Cost effective
  • Extends the life of your cooling tower equipment by several years
  • Stops leaks by sealing sheet metal seams and filling in small pinholes
  • Protects your cooling tower against corrosion
  • Adheres better to surfaces than other coatings
  • 12 hour curing time means your equipment is up and running again long before it would be using a different coating
  • Fire Retardant; self-extinguishing within three seconds

What makes Fire Retardant EVAPLINER better than other coatings?

Cooling tower fires can be started in many ways, including a malfunctioning electric heater element in the cold water basin or ignition from weld sparks. Sometimes the highly flammable coatings used to protect the cooling tower from corrosion, are actually to blame for the start or spread of these fires. These catastrophes can be avoided by using EVAPCO'S Fire Retardant EvapLiner. If a fire starts in a cooling tower basin coated with Fire Retardant EvapLiner, the flames will extinguish themselves within three seconds.

In some areas of the USA, building codes and Fire Marshals are requiring fire proof protection for cooling towers. Fire Retardant EvapLiner is Class A rated (the highest rating available). No other cooling tower coating is self extinguishing and Class A rated.


The Benefits of using EvapLiner Protective Coating:

  • EVAPLINER remains flexible while many other coatings are rigid or will become rigid over time.
  • EVAPLINER adheres better because the special adhesion promoter results in a mechanical and chemical bond between the coating and the metal surface. Most coatings use only a mechanical bond for adhesion.
  • EVAPLINER minimizes equipment down time. Units with EVAPLINER can be placed in to service 12 hours after application (units completed Sunday at 6:00PM can be started up Monday 6:00AM). Other coatings typically require several days to cure.
  • EVAPLINER can be applied year round from freezing temperatures (32F/0C) to (100F/37.8C ).
  • EvapLiner seals leaks and protects cooling towers against corrosion AND fire

When was EvapLiner Protective Coating Created?

EVAPLINER has proven its effectiveness in cooling tower applications in the most severe conditions for over 10 years.