About Stanton & Associates

Stanton and Associates is a manufacturers' sales representation company marketing equipment to the industrial refrigeration industry. We are the company that others strive to be. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best customer service and highest quality products available in the marketplace.

We are responsive, professional and experienced.

Stanton and Associates was incorporated in1989 and began to represent EVAPCO, Inc. in 1993. EVAPCO, Inc. is an employee-owned manufacturing company with global resources and solutions for worldwide heat transfer applications.

In 2010, Stanton was recognized as the “Sales Representative of the Decade by EVAPCO, Inc. at a global sales conference in Baltimore.

Why we excel in customer service:

  • We have an in-depth knowledge of our equipment and its application in the industrial refrigeration system.
  • Stanton and Associates has the competitive knowledge to be replacement unit specialists
  • We attempt to be the most responsive company in regards to quotation turnaround while providing complete, detailed and accurate information.
  • Stanton and Associates stands behind the products we provide and work with customers and manufacturers to quickly and fairly resolve any issues that might arise.
  • We have expanded the number of personnel to continue to provide a high level of service as market activity dictates.
  • We want to be the representative company that others are compared to by both our customers and the manufacturers we represent.
  • Our company provides quick turn around time on quotation requests.
  • We have advanced filing and record finding systems.
  • We use the most up-to-date equipment selection software from our manufacturers.

How we excel in representing manufacturers:

  • When we represent a manufacturer we become its marketing arm and we work as part of a team to promote and sell the products in the marketplace through frequent customer contact.
  • We provide competitive feedback and market trends, allowing the manufacturer to adjust to an ever-changing market.
  • We represent the manufacturer with a high level of professionalism, with the knowledge that typically we are the first impression that a potential customer has of the manufacturer.
  • We are the exclusive local representative for all of our manufacturers in this territory.